Home Office

Offices Have Come Home to Stay

Designing a well-appointed work zone will inspire you to get the job done.  If you’ve dedicated a room to handle home-based business, opted for a hybrid den/guest room or simply stake claim to a corner of the kitchen to manage work/life balance. Ensure it reflects your personal style in a fresh, casual, yet functional way.


As laptops take up less surface area than desktop computers, and filing has gone digital, slim-lined “writing desks” can be the perfect size. Clean-lined designs in classic stains or leggy French country styles in sweet, vintage-inspired colors with beautifully worn patinas will take the modern edge off a room.


Opt for storage in as many support pieces as you can. The Pender and Oxford desks have filing and pencil drawers, plus matching bookcases and free-standing file cabinets in solid wood and handsome finishes. Storage ottomans, consoles with extra surface and storage, and a host of bookcases with display space and valuable storage tucked behind doors will keep office supplies, technology and files organized and accessible. Coral odds and ends in vessels or vases work as unexpected decorative elements.


Think about who will use the room and how, then add comfortable and stylish seating to your home office in the form of a desk chair, a pair of side chairs or even a small sectional with a chaise to recline during longer phone calls or iPad research. A hide-a-bed will do double duty to house occasional guests.

Create a space that naturally suits you. Paint, wallpaper, window coverings and finishing touches – such as artwork or objects that you like to gaze at to gather your thoughts – will make your office a welcome respite to retire to, rather than a chore