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2020 has been a year of many changes, and one many of us have experienced is a change in our working life. With so many working from home in Calgary, there has been a real boom in establishing a comfortable and functional home office space.

Whether you are working with a small space or a full room, these ideas can help you establish a home office space where you feel productive and creative, but also allows for a separation of work and play. 

Once you have decided where your office will be, you’ll need to decide on a desk. A desk is the heart of any office. Consider the workspace you are accustomed to in your workplace – do you sit, stand or move around all day? Aim to establish a similar space with a desk that allows you to be comfortable and productive. From built-in styles, to four legged stand alone desks, to narrow or wide desks for ample floor & pacing space, there is something for everyone and every space. 

Consider your homes style when creating your new home office, as you want the space to be a continuation of your home instead of an abrupt cubicle addition. If your home has traditional decor, aim for an office of timeless choices, such as a four legged free standing desk made of natural wood and soft, natural material armchairs. Should you wish to have a modern home office, aim for contemporary materials, such as a desk with metal legs, and a minimalist armchair with eye-catching features. 

There is nothing worse than having too much paperwork and not enough space to store it all, so don’t forget about your storage needs when building your home office. Whether it’s a desk with built in drawers, a file cabinet or credenza, ensure that you have a place for all your materials so you can put them away at the end of the day, helping separate work and home life. 

At Country Living Furnishings, we can create custom built in desks with features such as built in file cabinets or a pull out printer drawer. Need an office chair, desk lamp or accessories to style? Our designers here in Calgary can help you with everything you need to make your home office complete. 

We offer complimentary interior design service with any furniture purchase. Call us at 403-240-0111 or email us at info@countrylivingfurnishings.com to schedule your consultation today!

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