To be certain that you are satisfied with our delivery service, please provide all applicable phone numbers that Country Living Furnishings & Design should contact prior to delivery. Please verify the address on your order to ensure it is correct prior to CLFD commencing the delivery process. We welcome our valued clients to include special instructions regarding access to the specified location; please note that it is important to be aware of the size of furnishings and fixtures you are expecting and confirm that the package(s) will fit through all necessary entrances and hallways when our delivery personnel is moving your order to its designated space within your home.

If delivery to the room you have designated results in limited access because of passageways, CLFD’s delivery team will not be liable for damages that may occur from attempting placement.

In advance of delivery, we kindly ask that you clear your room of existing furniture and ensure that there is a clear pathway for our delivery team to allow for easy access to your space. Our delivery personnel will not move existing furniture, hang items or install electronics.

Upon delivery, please inspect your ordered items. In the event that an item is damaged or defective please notify our delivery team immediately who will then take appropriate measures to correct the issue. Please assist our delivery team in noting the defect on the receipt with a signature, photos will then be taken by our staff. At the discretion of CLFD, items may be touched-up on site, repaired off site, or replaced and re-delivered to the client.

In each instance, our priority is to ensure the satisfaction of our clients and quality of the items they order. To ensure the matter is resolved in a careful and complete manner please allow us reasonable time to evaluate the problem its most appropriate solution.

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