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    2020 has been a year of many changes, and one many of us have experienced is a change in our working life. With so many working from home in Calgary, there has been a real boom in establishing a comfortable and functional home office space.

    Whether you are working with a small space or a full room, these ideas can help you establish a home office space where you feel productive and creative, but also allows for a separation of work and play. 

    Once you have decided where your office will be, you’ll need to decide on a desk. A desk is the heart of any office. Consider the workspace you are accustomed to in your workplace – do you sit, stand or move around all day? Aim to establish a similar space with a desk that allows you to be comfortable and productive. From built-in styles, to four legged stand alone desks, to narrow or wide desks for ample floor & pacing space, there is something for everyone and every space. 

    Consider your homes style when creating your new home office, as you want the space to be a continuation of your home instead of an abrupt cubicle addition. If your home has traditional decor, aim for an office of timeless choices, such as a four legged free standing desk made of natural wood and soft, natural material armchairs. Should you wish to have a modern home office, aim for contemporary materials, such as a desk with metal legs, and a minimalist armchair with eye-catching features. 

    There is nothing worse than having too much paperwork and not enough space to store it all, so don’t forget about your storage needs when building your home office. Whether it’s a desk with built in drawers, a file cabinet or credenza, ensure that you have a place for all your materials so you can put them away at the end of the day, helping separate work and home life. 

    At Country Living Furnishings, we can create custom built in desks with features such as built in file cabinets or a pull out printer drawer. Need an office chair, desk lamp or accessories to style? Our designers here in Calgary can help you with everything you need to make your home office complete. 

    We offer complimentary interior design service with any furniture purchase. Call us at 403-240-0111 or email us at to schedule your consultation today!

  • The Finishing Touch: Choosing Art for your Home

    Add personal character to your home through the incorporation of unique art that speaks to you.

    Diving into the world of art can be intimidating for many, and often, our designers are asked “What is the right artwork for this room?” Luckily, the answer is quite simple. Art is all about you. The art you collect and choose to display in your home should reflect your style, dreams, and memories, and the art will act as a focal standpoint that helps draw visitors into your rooms. Adding these unique pieces of art that speak to you will always be the perfect finishing touch to your home.

    Still feel like a daunting task? Here are some of our tips on how to decorate with art.

    Choosing the artwork:
    Art reflects your personality, your hopes & dreams, and your most interesting stories. When selecting artwork, look for pieces you are excited to see every day. As we now spend more and more time at home, you want to surround yourself with items that encourage thoughtfulness, creativity, or joy. Surrounding yourself with art you love will help you enjoy being home.

    The vendor that we purchase our art from is updates their selection seasonally, ensuring the availability of the latest trends and styles. Variety of sizes and styles by new and acclaimed talents provide our clients with their first choice in quality art. All our work is hand embellished, bringing a realistic painted look to each image. Each piece offers one of a kind representation.

    Incorporating art into a room:
    Our interior design team in Calgary can help you choose pieces for each room in your home. Whether choosing art as a large focal point in a room or a small piece to complete your built in or home office we can help each room feel inspired and intentional.

    What to avoid:
    Be careful! A frequent design error that we see people make is choosing art that is too small for their space. If you have a loved piece of art that is too small to be hung individually, try layering it in front of a mirror or adding it to a grouping of art, or a gallery wall.

    Art is a chance for self-expression, and there is no better way to share your story than by filling your home with art you love. And remember, at the end of the day, art is only for you and only you must love it.

    Still need help with art direction? We are here to help! We offer complimentary interior design service with any furniture purchase. Call us at 403-240-0111 or email us at to schedule your consultation today!

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  • Welcome Home! How to create the perfect Front Entrance

    Learn how to create a front entrance that establishes a warm welcome to your family and guests every day, no matter the weather outside.

    The front entrance to your home can often be an overlooked area, full of coats, shoes, keys, mail, and other various knick-knacks that really could live elsewhere. But if you stop to consider the area, it has great potential to be so much more than a catch-all for your family. With the right attention, your front entrance can become a warm greeting, an organized last stop before departure, or a dazzling first impression for your guests.

    Elevating your front entrance from drab to fabulous can be done in a few easy steps. Here at Country Living Furnishings, we understand how to make this area one of utility and beauty, so, without further adieu, here are our front entrance design tips:

    Establish the essentials:
    No matter the impression that you want to convey- grand, country chic, minimalist – we understand that utility and function play a key role in the success of a front entrance. Every entrance requires a few essential items to maintain organization and utility. Ensure your space has a mirror, a landing spot for your keys and purse, an area rug (especially for slushy Calgary), and somewhere to sit.

    Tingle the senses:
    Have you ever walked into the lobby of a grand hotel and been totally enraptured? Hotels establish such a captivating feeling in their guests by delighting their senses – and you can do the same for anyone who steps foot in your home.

    Create a welcoming scent by using a Lampe Berger, diffusers, or candles to ensure all guests are greeted by a fresh and uplifting smell. Make your entrance a sight for sore eyes by establishing lighting that is both attractive and useful, and by allowing in natural light in the daytime. Add interest and personality with art. Consider keeping non-essential decor to a minimum and adding small touches, such as a wreath on the door and fresh cut flowers, to celebrate the changing seasons.

    Stay Organized:
    Nothing says “run!” more than stepping into a disorderly home. Ensure you and your guests are greeted by peace and tranquility by keeping your front entrance organized. Add a bench that contains storage and be sure there is ample closet space (with more organization) close by so you can promptly put things away upon arrival.

    With a welcoming ambiance and well thought out design, your front entrance can be the perfect place to kickstart your day, showcase your home’s personality, or to sweep your guests off their feet.

    Are you ready for the perfect welcome home? We are here to help! We offer complimentary interior design service with any furniture purchase. Call us at 403-240-0111 or email us at to schedule your consultation today!


  • Christmas gift guide

    However you’re spending the holidays this year, small thoughtful gifts are sure to spark gratitude from your recipient.
    Calgary has no shortage of great local shops to pick up the perfect gift. From stocking stuffers to host gifts we’ve got you covered. Here’s our little gift guide.

    A wood tray in many different stains and paints can serve as the perfect “box” to hold your gift!
    Tie an ornament around a throw as a simple way to elevate your wrapping
    Add a natural element to invite a calm elegance
    A gift certificate is a great way to give that selfless person in your life a reason to indulge!
    This toss cushion on Dad’s old leather chair will be a game changer

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