Country LivingFunishings& Design identifies passionately with the statement: Made in Canada. It informs our brand, our approach to furniture design and the associated services that follow. We understand that many furniture stores source their manufacturing processes from offshore locations, yet we believe there is a market for pieces that are authentically designed and manufactured in Canada, offering a unique and lasting sense of home to local interiors.

Our patriotic persona is rooted in the quality of wood that our furniture is crafted from. The wood is responsibly grown and harvested in Canada, carefully kiln-dried and finished to the highest of trade quality standards. It is hearty and capable of surviving in our varied climate. CLFD has sourced our catalogue of custom manufacturers and suppliers with great care and regard for our clients’ expectations and needs. Our commitment to excellence

allows us to confidently stand behind our products and take pride in looking after our clientele and earn your business through high quality.

Throughout each year, we attend design and furniture shows across Canada and the United States to hand-select the furnishings and décor that will find a home in our catalogue and on our showroom floor for the coming season. While CLFD places importance on Canadian-made furniture and solid wood, we ensure a diverse collection of pieces by gathering input about the styles our clients prefer, the challenges they face and what they value in comfort, function, finishes, and fabrics. Our selections are simply inspired and wellinformed by our valued clientele.

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