Welcome Home! How to create the perfect Front Entrance

Learn how to create a front entrance that establishes a warm welcome to your family and guests every day, no matter the weather outside.

The front entrance to your home can often be an overlooked area, full of coats, shoes, keys, mail, and other various knick-knacks that really could live elsewhere. But if you stop to consider the area, it has great potential to be so much more than a catch-all for your family. With the right attention, your front entrance can become a warm greeting, an organized last stop before departure, or a dazzling first impression for your guests.

Elevating your front entrance from drab to fabulous can be done in a few easy steps. Here at Country Living Furnishings, we understand how to make this area one of utility and beauty, so, without further adieu, here are our front entrance design tips:

Establish the essentials:
No matter the impression that you want to convey- grand, country chic, minimalist – we understand that utility and function play a key role in the success of a front entrance. Every entrance requires a few essential items to maintain organization and utility. Ensure your space has a mirror, a landing spot for your keys and purse, an area rug (especially for slushy Calgary), and somewhere to sit.

Tingle the senses:
Have you ever walked into the lobby of a grand hotel and been totally enraptured? Hotels establish such a captivating feeling in their guests by delighting their senses – and you can do the same for anyone who steps foot in your home.

Create a welcoming scent by using a Lampe Berger, diffusers, or candles to ensure all guests are greeted by a fresh and uplifting smell. Make your entrance a sight for sore eyes by establishing lighting that is both attractive and useful, and by allowing in natural light in the daytime. Add interest and personality with art. Consider keeping non-essential decor to a minimum and adding small touches, such as a wreath on the door and fresh cut flowers, to celebrate the changing seasons.

Stay Organized:
Nothing says “run!” more than stepping into a disorderly home. Ensure you and your guests are greeted by peace and tranquility by keeping your front entrance organized. Add a bench that contains storage and be sure there is ample closet space (with more organization) close by so you can promptly put things away upon arrival.

With a welcoming ambiance and well thought out design, your front entrance can be the perfect place to kickstart your day, showcase your home’s personality, or to sweep your guests off their feet.

Are you ready for the perfect welcome home? We are here to help! We offer complimentary interior design service with any furniture purchase. Call us at 403-240-0111 or email us at info@countrylivingfurnishings.com to schedule your consultation today!


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